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Cromenco - Spring 81




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Cromenco System Zero, Cromenco System Three, Cromenco Z2-H Hard Disk Computer, Cromenco System Two, Cromenco Z-2 System, CRT Terminal, Printer Model 3703, 3779, 3355A, Hard Disk Memory System, 5" Dual Disk Drive Quad Capacity, 8" Dual Disk Drive, Joystick Console, Single Card Computer 4 MHz, 4MHz CPU Card, RAM Card 4K, 16K with Bank Select, 64K with Extended Bank Select, 8K Bytesaver II Memory card with 2708 Eprommer, 16K PROM Card, 32K Bytesaver II Memory card with 2716 Eprommer, 8 Port I/O Multi-channel Parallel Interface, 4 Port I/O Parallel Interface, Model SDI Color Graphics Interface, D+7AI/O Multi-channel Analog Interface, I/O Processor, Quadart, 16FDC Quad-Capacity Disk Controller, TU-ART Digital Interface, 4FDC Disk Controller, Printer Interface, TV Dazzler, Card Cages, PS-8 Power Supply, Wire Wrap Extender Cards, Cobol Compiler, ANSI-Standard Fortran IV Compiler, RATFOR/FORTAN IV, Z-80 Relocatable Assembler, 16K Disk Extended Basic, 32K Structured Basic, Word Processing System, Database Management System, LISP, C-Compiler, CROMIX Operating System, General Ledger System, Account Receivable System, Account Payable System, Inventory System, SDI Graphics Software